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there is some other developing news tonight. all south bound lanes of highway 101 out of san francisco are blocked. there's an injury accident. here's the situation on a lot of people getting stuck. who were at baseball game at the park where the giants won against the cardinals. >> here's the 1-2. launched into right. back at the track. giants take the lead. >> that was the start of a very good night in game 2 of the national league championship series. sports director larry is here with the details on this is exactly what we needed to even the series up. >> last night belonged to the cardinals and tonight the giants. they found themselves down 6 nothing to st. louis last night. scored first tonight. got a terrific start from ryan and series tied at 1-1. fans talking about this for the rest of the steers. matt taking on marco on hard fly to second base trying to break up a double play. if you slide into second base that's fine but look where holiday initiates the play. 3 feet past second bay before he even goes to the ground. you don't do that. there is a diffe
the celebration begin. take a look at this. you are looking at san francisco live from sky7hd. 24th and mission, giants fans very happy as the game just ended moments ago. good evening. i'm ama daetz. i am so excited. >> everybody contributed and they won the title it is. how sweep it is. they captured their second world series trophy in three years. let's take a look at the highlights. it was 1-0 in the third when triple crown winner, miguel connects with a 2-1 shot. that gave the tigers first lead in the series. buster posse delivers a two run who homer. m scrutiny scrutiny he singles and one score if the second. giants take a 4-3 lead. romo came to dwelt the save and catches cabrera looking for the second out. let the celebration begin. we hope to have some of the players later on in the show. wasn't that a great, fourth straight. >> it really was. >> they really dominated. >> it was a little close. >> don't worry, i told you not no worry. >> thank you. the streets of san francisco packed tonight with giants fans. many of them at civic center watching the game on a jumbotron lilian kim joins
final. of course, game two is tomorrow night in san francisco. it starts just after 5:00. we'll have all the highlights right here. >> terry: stabbing outside the niners game. a fight started between two groups of people. one pulled out a knife and stabbed another person in the other group. that person is expected to live. all of them say they are 49ers fans. >> they are searching for a murderer tonight. two people were shot. one man as killed. a woman was taken to the hospital. investigators hope to talk with her because they have no other witnesses right now. >>> bart trains are running again between san francisco and oakland. trains stopped running when a man started walking from the tube about 6:30 tonight. things were delayed between san francisco and oakland for about an hour. >> sonoma state university student falls from the third floor of the apartment building and he is recovering at a santa rosa hospital. sergio quintana has the details. >> reporter: this quiet silence was broken when he fell three stories. his fall was captured on surveillance video that we were able to watch.
through. 5-nothing over the st. louis cardinals. bringing the series back here to san francisco. good evening. this was a big wichbility it narrows the cardinal lead in the series 3 games to 2. larry is here and the giants lit raet real came out swinging and kept the cards from doing so tonight. >> it was all about barry zito. great story beauty of sports because he's a human punching bag for years. ever since he signed 1 26 million dollar contract that hasn't lived up to expectation as far as the contract goes but tonight it was barry zito to the rescue with giants facing elimination. he was brilliant. beat the cardinals. keeps the giants alive. brings the national league championship series back to san francisco. barry escaped bases loaded nobody out jam in the second. pitcher double play ball. thaten the inning. scoreless until the fourth. if hunter with chopper. you have to get lucky and lynn throws the ball right off the second base. marco scored operator or. giants on top 1 nothing. zito did it with the arm and bat. surprising david with a 2 out bunt. blanco scor
area and oakland and san francisco. we also know that the orion meteor shower is peaking this evening. we're working on that now. more at 11:00 over on channel 7, but we have asked spencer christian to check in more. there is something out there pretty interesting. >> we've been getting calls in the weather office. we have been trying to reach some official source that can confirm or deny that the meteors is what people have been seeing tonight. we do know that the meteor showers begin yesterday and will peak on the 20th. it's possible a shooting star or flash of light is what people have been seeing. no confirmation on that. i don't want to speculate. let's take look at live doppler 7-hd. we have clear skies, coast to inland. we have a very warm to hot day today. high temperatures range from 70 at half moon bay to 82 at san francisco. 84 santa cruz. warmer than san francisco, 85 in oakland. 89 in inland east bay locations. 92 in ukiah. this will be with us for another day. as a result rising temperatures and very low humidity and gusty winds. we have a red flag warning for high fire
neighbors of the crime family are just stunned by the tragic news. family used to live in san francisco valley and the father is a former yahoo executive. vick lee has more. >>reporter: kevin and marina crime former home is necessary eled in a quiet well manicured neighborhood in noe valley. neighborhood of refurbished victorian homes. the crime lived in the 2 bedroom 2 bath house for about 6 years before selling it in july of last year. >> i remember that he had gotten a job and they were going to move to new york. >>reporter: lynn lives around the block. she remembers kevin and marina and 2 of the 3 children. 6-year-old lucy and 3-year-oldness not killed. she never met 2-year-old leo who may have just been born around the time they moved. >> they were definitely nice people. he was a techie. they bought a house small victorian and spent a lot of time fixing it and making it just right. >>reporter: she also met the grandparents who rented the inlaw apartment during a brief stay. she didn't know at the time that their son was kevin crime. >> they mentioned that the children li
forces. >>> now to this weekend's other big story. all the events going on in san francisco. from fleet week and america's cup to parades and festivals. hundreds of thousands of people were drawn to the city. sergio quintana reports. >> reporter: blue angels, speeding overhead is the only thing audiences have to pay attention to on fleet week. but today they had some competition. >> very loud. >> from marina green, the sailing got a pre-air race show for the latest stage of the competition. >> i was on tv, we watched it. since we were here, so we came. >> sailing and aerial acrobat ix would be plenty for one weekend but this is big bay weekend. here they add someday of their own flying for the annual castro street fair. >> we thought the traffic was going to be horrible but literally we got here quicker than we normally do. >> reporter: but public transportation was the most sensible ways of navigating e city. that incles theif st i geldolden gate park. lodging was at a premium. >> yh, i did heo look a lot to find a deal. i still paid a lot. >> reporter: if there wasn't enough going on,
that was discussed by the candidates and the u.s. diplomat killed in libya was remembered today in san francisco. hundreds of people packed city hall to honor ambassador christopher stevens. guest speaker included representative barbara lee and former secretary of state george shuttle. they talked about how stevens helped create a positive relationship between the u.s. and the middle east. stevens family says despite his work over seas as ambassador he still had a very active role in their family. >> chris was a huge presence in our family. though he lived far away he had a lot of friend. very challenging job. he always came home and when he came home for christmas for our wedding for hilary baby shower he was really there. he wasn't text messaging. he wasn't e mailing. he was running with us. playing tennis. eating. drinking. telling stories. and extracting our stories. >>reporter: stevens has tie to the bay area graduating from uc berkeley and uc sf hastings school of law. >> oracle 72 foot america cup yacht being towed back to port after capsizing in the bay this afternoon then
has placed in me. >> that is the new archbishop of san francisco. installation was a moment of pomp and protest. vl lee ann has the story. >>reporter: mood outside the ka that he had rall was festiv festive. hundreds of catholic came to witness the installation of the new leader in san francisco. >> i think it's a big day for catholics. all the bay area. yes. >>reporter: escorted by security officers the priest waved to people waiting outside the cathedral. he followed tradition as he entered through the bronze doors. not everyone was allowed to witness the ceremony. only those pre-selected and with tickets could enter. outside a group of followers cheered him on. but gay activist also made themselves heard. he ace big opponent of same sex marriages. outside it turned that a heated debate. >> if the family as the catholic church between one man and one woman. >> he can say what he says but we don't agree. nothing wrong with being gay. nothing wrong with our right to marry. here to stand against his installations the archbishop of sanrancis. >>repoer: b the spesperson f
>> here is president obama beginning his campaign stop in san francisco. meeting greeting supporters at the airport. this is probably his only bay area appearance however where no one had to pay in order to see him. good evening. the president has 3 big fundraisers this eveni. first was at 4:00 o'clock at the intercontinental hotel. 25 supporters payed 40,000 dollars a rson to meet him. then president obama headed over t bill gram pacific auditorium for 2 event. dinner with celebrity chefs that cost 2 20,000 dollars per person then concert tonight with john legend and san francisco own michael frantic. president is due to speak about 40 minutes from now. we plan to bring some of this to you live. in the meantime the edence is presenti debate lasweek was a ge changer. at ast for the mome. west poll from the research zeros shows romney pulling ahead for the first time. 29 days before the election. president plan to turn his campaign around is the last though. here's jay tappe tapper. >>reporter: president obama sending a message to his supporters about last we
in on san francisco first of all around winston drive over on caesar chavez boulevard we have pockets of heavy downpour. we just downpour in the 9th inning at at&t park. you can see the rainfall extending east across the bay to oakland and emeryville. to the north powerful strong activity up here. thunderstorms. thunderstorm activity between fort ross and clover dale. thunderstorms just if you lightning strike a moment alaska. you can see it, couple there right now. this is impressive area of thunderstorm activity. we expect more to develop during the overnight hours. not out of the woods yet. rainfallsá total about 24 hours. 1 and 1/10th inch of rain at santa rosa a.4 tenths in san francisco. under half inch at oakland and of course significant amounts also at livermore, moffitt field and san jose obviously more rain overnight. the totals will grochlt another look 7 day forecast a little bit late near thanks very much. >> crazy weather in yuba city. look at this tornado touched down 40 miles north of sacramento. national weather service had reported funnel clouds as wel
people in richmo kept cl by finding shade at keller beach park. at san francisco's aquatic park the waters were just right to find relief. it's remarkable. >> very hot all around the bay area. it's now 73. look at some of the high temperatures, numerous triple-digit reads, 100 at santa cruz and 100 at napa. 102 in cloverdale. numerous 99's and these are hot. one record, contentfield at 97 degrees broke its record for this date. i'll give you a look at conditions right now and tell you what is coming up tomorrow. >> dan: a big scare in downtown san mateo, big scare over a little misunderstanding. it happened while a man was driving to work on fourth street wearing a costume that sent police into full on response mode. david louie explains why. >> what would you think if you saw someone dressed like in this going down the street? he was on his way to work at a san mateo costume shop after police stopped him after several people called 911. >> we were supposed to wear costumes to greet customers. >> reporter: he was also wearing a pineapple grenade on his neck. bomb squad determine
in october. this is a live picture in emeryville. and san francisco. last night at this time it was 74 degrees in the city and tonight also spencer tells me 74 degrees. here's emeryville camera now. from sutro i'm sorry. so will we get some relief from this heat? spencer is tracking it. another warm night. >> very warm night and no wonder because today high pressure were so high heat is holding on. long time to receive. today high 102 at clover dil. ukiah 105 and santa rosa 100. concord 101 antioch 103 and livermore 101 at santa cruz and 3 record for this date 99 at kent field, new record for this date. 95 in moffitt field new record for this date and san jose tied existing record. san francisco high of 94 degrees. second cop executive day we have had temperatures at or about 90 degrees san francisco but things about to change in dramatic fashion. i'll have the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up very shortly. >> thanks very much. temperatures going down. gas prices look like going up. you may have noticed is what happening at the pump and could keep on climbing. regula
. blue angel practicing over san francisco this afternoon for the show this weekend. 7 news with a look at all of the hoopla going on around here. wayne? >>reporter: all right san francisco. are you ready? >> ready for what? >>reporter: if she really needs to know. she should ask george. >> i have fleet week. i have the boat race on sunday. fr frainers playing sunday. i have the giants playing saturday and sunday. i got bieber playing saturday. i got madonna playing saturday and sunday. tive the ucla playing cal. >>reporter: in short estimated 1 million people trying to get from point a to b and then maybe c or d. >> million people that's what i heard. >>reporter: minus one. >> that would be me. >>reporter: here for ships. planes. one of 2 baseball teams with high flying hopes and britly painted fans. >> it's like a rally pumped up for the post season. >>reporter: not the post season blue unless they include and are confined to blue grass music in golden gate park. the festival will draw in an estimated 200,000 hear some 90 acts in the next three days. actually 91 acts.
and family inside when it happens. you get details. >> plus today big fire in san francisco. westportal strupt goes up in flames sadly. along with livelihood of the workers. >> get ready for a major warm-up in the bay year. starts this weekend. i have details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> bitter sweet day in baseball. a clean out the lockers while the giants get ready to take on the next play ready to take on the next play off opponent. s >> thankfully by some miracle mother and 4 young children escape serous giraffe the family home was just obliterated by a natural gas explosion this morning in colorado. look at this. how were they not killed? badly hurt. incredible. 2 teenagers who live nearby race to the thousands help the family get out. it was felt for miles as you can immanuel. damaged 2 other homes and left the third condemned. at least 20 people had to be evacuated. cause is under investigation but neighbors say they smelled gas shortly before the explosion. that is unbelieve afternoon. utter destruction. >>> well in san francisco the cleanup and investig
170,000 dollars worth of chips from san jose to south san francisco yesterday. they tried to rob it at stop on grand avenue. but the truck driver father also in another vehicle intervened. the thieves fled leaving one of the guys behind. he was arrested. police say the other alleged thieves escaped in a gold dodge caravan with possible california license plate of 6 v o one y 107. what it ford explorer with california plate of this number on the screen. >>> manufacturing on. apple unveiled the new i-pad mini today as expected. along with some other devices designed to hook consumer before the all important holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. details tonight from 7 news business and technology reporter david louie. >> it's the one time apple didn't succeed in keeping a secret. i-pad mini made the debut just in time for the important holiday shopping season. >> you can hold it in one hand. now this just isn't a slunken down i-pad. it's an entirely new design. >>reporter: while screen is almost 2 inches smaller than the original i-pad the display resolution is iden
>> sdg&e. it's a long day and long nature for san francisco supervisors as the public shares its opinion about suspended sheriff mirkarimi. supervisors are deciding whether to take away his job for good. as we speak supervisors are still listening to public comment. they say they will listen to everyone wh wants to speak. vick l is inse the hearing. >> this case is about unecedented mayor power claiming discretion to charge any elected official in this of. >>reporter: former mayor among those who spoke in support of mirkarimi. most of those who appeared at the beginning were for the suspended sheriff. >> i have neve known ross in the time tt he has been a father and husband to ever be neglect of his duties as a husband, provider, and loving father. >>reporter: crowd of suppor supporters clearly out number mirkarimi detractors. suspended sheriff mirkarimi and wife lopez were greeted by strong supporters at city hall. witing cwd gr to about 0 or more. most of them seem to be his admirers. mark ream and lopez spoke to us outside. >> i am so happy with all the support. i hop
because at the veteran hospital in san francisco major league baseball did today. >> i love the giants. >>reporter: but denise who served 20 years in the air force has severe neck pain and down the hall randall wilson had only daytime television to distract him. until this morning. >> bud selig run a bell. >> yes. >>reporter: well twhees came to visit today. commissioner of baseball along with larry bear of the giants and retired clark and perry as part of a program to say thanks to american veterans everywhere. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> thanks. have a good day. >> thank you for all your service. >> when you think these people have done and sacrifices they have made for us, for this country, we want to properly honor them. do as much as we can. >> here's world series baseball for you. >> oh, thank you sir. >>reporter: every patient on the ward professed to love baseball but for denise this felt more like a dream. 1 minute feeling bad and the next she has a baseball signed by will clark larry bear gaylord perry and bud selig. state visit symbolic one. this would be
. despite a tough economy the bay area is in fact booming. how a san francisco theater company is banking on a rise in customers as it it expands into a new theater. plus, new concern about what facebook does with your information. why privacy advocates say facebook may be selling out its users. >>> also, a family pet targeted by thieves. the plea and the pledge made by the family inthe hope that they will see little mico, once >>> the family of an 18-year-old killed by oakland police is still looking for answers is into what happened the day that he was shot. police say that allen blueford pointed a gun at the officer and now have released a portion of the police report. here is abc 7 news reporter nick smith. >> we are just trying to get answers and we said and said and said and we haven't been able to get any answers. at every turn we have been shut down. >> reporter: the family continues to demand answers related to the death of their son. last night's city council meeting filled once again with family and supporter who accuse police and city leaders of dragging their feet and releasi
people jammed san francisco and million more are expected tomorrow. they will have to be on their best behavior, too. city workers will be working through the night to get ready for tomorrow's huge celebration. parade is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. at justin hermann plaza. it will head straight up market to civic center plaza. carolyn tyler with the preparations. >> david thompson is the master float builder. his reputation is being put to the test. 48 hours notice they haveshing s floats. the challenge is the parade is tomorrow. >> the parade is tomorrow and paint takes 24 hours to dry. we're more than nervous. >> billy philadelphia got the call yesterday that the giants want him to play the caliope while they wait for the parade to begin. >> i'm very grateful they called me. my stock went up with my wife and kids. >> they expected up to million fans to celebrate. just about every city department is involved in trying to make it a success. at city hall today. mayor combined the year of the giants with the year of the dragon and ceo larry bare. >> this is paper dragon that hosts a
championship series. [applause] fans at the public house at&t park in san francisco this morning reacting to posey 4th inning grand slam. game 5 today was thriller as the giants hung on for a 6-4 victory taking 3 straight in cincinnati to win the series. >> what happened here i couldn't be prouder of a bunch of guy whose come in here and do what they did. i men that's quite a task. it's going against all odds and found way to get it done. >> they sure d.incredible performance the last 3 games. is what next for the giants and what about the a's who are in action right now? larry sports director is here with both of those stories. great day for the giants. tough spot the a's are in. >> get to them in a second. the giants next move basically to wait and see whether they play washington or st. louis in the national league championship series. giants held on to win decisive game 5 today over the reds. pose were biggest hit of the day. 5th inning grand slam off starter previous giants killer mat. giants jumped out to 6 nothing lead then had to hang on for dear life because it was a 6-4 gam
on to other top story tonight, this is a beautiful shot of the plane carrying the san francisco giants rivaling at sfo this afternoon. it is getting a water salute from the fire trucks at the airport just as did when it left. the team arrived at sfo on their chartered 747 just after 4:00. there were fans and friends cheering as they walked off the plane. that is manager holding the trophy following the two pitchers. she carrying the bag and standing right in front of tim lincecum. then sergio romo and barry zito brian wilson and brian crawford and pablo sandoval and buster posey and madison bumgarner. sky7hd video of the team's six buses arriving in at&t. the manager says it's all about the team model, 25 players and one common goal. >> they are fun bunch. we let them be themselves. it's not a too bad. these guys were so unselfish and they played as 25 guys. it's amazing when you get a group that plays like that. this is yours, boys. they earned it. they deserved it. they were relentless and not going home. that is one trough at this they can have because we earned that one. >> pablo s
he expect to be okay at least that is the very good news on that. >>> in san francisco tonight, police moved in when a group took over a vacant building in the mission disstrict. the whole thing was captured live on abc 7 news at 6:00. jonathan blum was reporting on the takeover when things brook loose. >> the police bass out no trespassing signs and now are gathering with riot helmets preparing to surround these guys if they don't disburse. the police have now run across the street and they are wasting no time to arrest these protesters. they are yelling to get out of the street and we are trying to comply with their orders as the police go hand to hand with the protesters. more officers come in on their bicycles and they very quickly surround the area to create a perimeter around what they have now declared a crime scene. motorcycle officers are running in. >> the protest coincided with world homeless action today. police arrested 20 people but all of this transpired live on the 6:00 news over on channel 7. >>> major news in a murder case. police in seattle arrested two peopl
as they climbed a few weeks ago. the average rice for a gallon of regular in san francisco has dropped 28 cents since peaking earlier this month, $4.45 a gallon right now. in oakland, down 33 sent cents a gallon from the peak on october 8. and prices are expected to continue to fall through thanksgiving. >> good news is the gasoline prices are going down and you can expect that they will go down some more. i would guess another 10, 12 cents or so. the bad news is, they are still high. >> on average, prices on every grade of gas are down 19 to 21 cents a gallon since last week and they are expected to drop further than that. >> it has been a year since the up on oakland protest took over frank ogawa plaza. the protesters are long gone, the lawn has been receded and today, oakland city leaders held a news conference, celebrating downtown's rejuvenation. tomorrow will be a year since the encampment was taken down. nearly a hundred people were arrested after a long and violent clash. there is an anniversary protest planned and oakland police and officials hope to sea peaceful demonstration. >> crim
a minor league contract with san francisco. and now he's become the case of the giants postseason with his third straight strong performance. >> it comes down to executing pitches and getting lucky on the ones that you don't make. they foul them off or swing through. i still think game two my stuff overall was better. but tonight i had some good mys and some good fortune. >> i am proud to put on the same jersey as that man. we needed that today. he got it going from the beginning, set the seempo early. and coming on hard with the fastball. inside and out. its unbelievable job. >> and with the fans, you know, chanting vogy, vogy, everything it took. he's just an incredible story. for that moment to be out there and to be a part of it, it's something you can't explain, can't describe, but, you know, it's one of the happiest feelings i have ever had for, you know, just to see that moment and see him succeed and pitch the way he did was great. >> so there will be game seven. first pitch at 5:07. a pair of 16-game winners tomorrow night, matt cain versus kyle lohse. back to you, mike >> the com
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